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Debt Counselling South Africa
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When the National Credit Act was promulgated (published) in 2007, it gave birth to the profession of Debt Counselling

The purpose of Debt Counselling is to offer an alternative remedy to over indebtedness other than the traditional methods such as Administration and Sequestration. 

Debt Counselling South Africa

Debt Counselling is a great tool to grow the economy and allow consumers to enter back into the credit market with a clean record, once they have been rehabilitated by the debt counselling program. Though Debt Counselling is still relatively new in South Africa, the concept has been accepted and proven in countries such as The United Kingdom and United States of America with proven results.

A Debt Counsellor is someone who is registered with the National Credit Regulator and who assists consumers who are experiencing debt-related problems and are having difficulties making their current monthly payments, by providing them with budget advice support and mediation with credit providers.

Consumers suffering under the pressure of over-indebtedness can consult a Debt Counsellor for advice on how to free themselves from the debt trap.

Debt Counselling is a fantastic method for consumers to avoid losing valuable assets that they have been paying for already. And also relieves stress for consumers as they are now not being harassed by credit providers who they might have struggled to pay in the past.

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Debt Counselling South Africa